Shweta Chhabra: Dentist in Bolton, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Shweta Chhabra

Dentist in Bolton, ON

Dr. Shweta Chhabra is the Dentist and Owner of Smiley Dental in Bolton, Ontario. She took over the practice in April 2021 and is committed to creating a relaxing and family-oriented environment where patients can have all their general, and specialist dentistry needs addressed. Dr. Chabbra and her staff offer everything from cleanings and fillings to orthodontics and wisdom tooth extraction. Whether a patient is in for a routine procedure or something more invasive or complex, Dr. Chabbra takes the time to get to know the patient so she can address any concerns or fears they may have and work with them to determine their best course of treatment. She understands that every one of her patients is different and that the best treatment and course of action can also differ from patient to patient.

Dr. Chhabra earned her BDS from Nair Hospital Dental College in Mumbai in 2010, as well as a certificate in aesthetic dentistry before going to complete her DDS at the University of Toronto in 2020. She is passionate about continuing her education and building on her existing skillset every chance she gets.

In her free time, Dr. Chhabra loves reading, traveling, being outdoors, dancing, and spending time with her husband and two boys.


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